As  a part  of  our  obligation towards our employees, local society as and the surrounding environment, the company has implemented the program  of the Management of  Health, Safety and Environment  for  human safing and  environment  protection through  all  the  company’s activities to fulfill the requirements of the local regulations  and  the  international  standards of Nestlé company as well as meeting the requirements of (OHSAS18001) and (ISO 14001).This  policy  will   be  reviewed periodically for appropriateness and for continual suitability.  It   enjoys  the  full  and active support of the Top Management Team.

Occupational Safety and Health

The Company deeply belief upon the principle of occupational safety and health  of  people   in  line with  the  global  Nestle  Company  policy,  the Company  has  adopted all standards and requirements  and  procedures ensure  the  safety  of   employees,  workers,  visitors  and  contractors at all   stages of production and the different sectors and activities. Company  has   adopted   an  intensive  and  effective  training   programs  related  to occupational  safety and  health for the purposes of establishing health and  safety culture among all  employees,  which  will  be reflected without doubt on  the  practices  and behavior on a personal level in the work environment  and   the   general   behavior  in   the  community.  Examples of these training programs:  Training  in  first  aid  and  evacuation,  the   terms  of  the  uses of equipment, BBS, Defensive driving …. etc.

The Company’s water resources preservation

The  company  is  applying  the   principle   of  collective responsibility and participate in the preservation of water resources, therefore the application of advanced  technological systems in various stages of production  for  the  purposes   of   water  conservation   and  protection  of  water resources, as well as reducing  water consumption in the industry.

Saudization and community development

The   company   has   worked   to encourage  Saudi youth and develope their skills  and   work   on   the  application  of  the  principle  of equal opportunities, therefore  the  opportunity   was  given  for   women   to   work   and   contribute effectively  in production process along   with  the  youth  Saudis,   and   through   them  into   the   process of   training  programs   in  technical   fields and various   administrative,   for  the  purposes improve and   develop  their  skills to get   them into   work  within  the  company   in  administrative  departments  and  the  various sectors and productivity.