Production :

The process of producing potable water passes through several stages.

  • Extraction of water  from  the  wells:  The  company  owns a number of deep Artesian  wells  of a capacity that permits obtaining water from the Mingur layer,the  layer  that carries water which is free from sediments and is protected from

any causes ot the probability of being mixed with surface water. This layer also provides stable quantity of water supply.

  • Pretreatment : In  this  stage,  water goes into cooling, metallic, and suspended solid removal process, by means of sand filters  and the through cooling towers.
  • Reverse Osmosis Treatment  Stage:  After  the pretreatment stage, the water is

then  transferred  to the final treatment stage wherein salt is removed through the process of reverse osmosis in which water is passed through osmotic membranes.

With this, the process of production is completed and water is pumped to the final

product tanks in preparation for its filling in the delivery tankers.

The production of low-salinity water:

water  with a low salt content for industrial requirements.

Medium-salinity water production :

Through its various facilities, the company produces medium-saline water, which is the drinking water produced according to the Saudi international specifications and standards

Filling and Distribution :

The  company  offers,  via  its   huge  fleet  of different sizes  of  transporting water   tanker   trucks,   the  service  of  delivering   water  to  the customers according  to  distribution  plans  controlled by advanced automatic systems where  computer  software  that   are   specially  designed   for  that  job  are used  in  them, whereas  through  that  the  data  of customers are registered and   saved   according   to   the  date,  and   also   studying   and   analyzing consumption   styles  so  that  the  company  can arrange the proper plans to suffice  the   needs   of   the  clients  in  the  specific  times  with  the  required  amounts.

The    distribution   department   is   managed   by   a   crew   of   administrative qualifications  who  hold experience supported by advanced automatic systemsto  run,  organize  and follow  the fleet movement.  And also the customer service  systems   control    the    customer    order   and   the   continuous    programmed coordination   to  fulfill  the needs of the customers and confirm the effectiveness of the service  and  also  work  to   receive   any  remarks  or  suggestions  help  in   the  service  improvement.

Government Filling Station Operation:

Besides  operating  its own water facilities, the company is being awarded to operate ”  Ministry of Water  and Electricity” water  filling  facilities  to provide customers in  North  Riyadh  city  with  water.  The  company undertakes thefollowing activities:

  • Delivery of water to consumers by means of the company’s fleet to various sites in north Riyadh city.
  • Filling of private water tankers from the filling station. These services  are  being  conducted  24  hours  a  day.  The  company  has surpassed   its  competitors  through  the  application  of automatic operational systems  and  using  a  computerized  customers  data  management programs result in fast and reliable customer  service process.